Sunday, February 8, 2009


We are no longer taking shipments to the surrounding counties as the emergency operations directors have informed me that federal help has arrived and they are taken care of for now. A HUGE thank you to everyone who came together so quickly to help! Around $1,000 in money and supply donations were collected in just 4 days! Amazing! The "Paducah Sun" posted an article on the effort on the front page of the Sunday paper, . Thank you to the editors and to Leigh for recognizing the efforts our giving and compassionate supporters and friends. Please continue to follow the efforts of Healing Hannah Ministries at .

SPECIAL NOTE: I will be traveling to China on Saturday, February 14, to visit a beautiful children's village of special needs Chinese orphans. One in paticular is little Ginger Zu, whose funding for an urgent surgery was raised by partners & friends of Healing Hannah Ministries. She is currently in the hospital undergoing the tests and preparations for that surgery. You can follow my journey and the progress of Ginger at our blog:

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP WITH DONATIONS FOR THE TRIP, we are in need of the following for the orphanage:

powder baby formula (any kind)
baby wipe refills (any kind)
chewable children's Benadryl
hand sanitizers
unscented Dove soap

You can contact me at or call (270) 556-4045.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Second Shipment Delivered to Lyon Co. Today

After hearing of the need Lyon Co. had for more blankets and pillows on the cold night we have ahead tonight, I loaded up more of both and traveled up to Lyon Co. again after delivering the shipment to Graves Co. Those staying in the shelter were so kind and welcoming, it was a joy to spend time with them! The children staying there are filling their time with Legos and creating beautiful artwork to decorate the walls of the shelter! (See photos below)

Shipment Delivered Safely to Graves Co.!

Another shipment was delivered today, this time to Graves Co. Food, bottled water, baby supplies and much needed warm blankets arrived just in time for another VERY cold night. Emergency operations workers were very grateful for all of your help!! Especially for the blankets! Tonight is another very cold one and they were desperate for more blankets to keep the shelter residents warm.
One of the sweet younger residents of the temporary shelter in Lyon Co.

Bright-eyed resident of the temporary shelter in Lyon Co.

Two more of the wonderful national guardsmen who have left their families and the warmth of their own homes to help those in our area who have fled with their families looking for warmth! GOD BLESS ALL OF THOSE WHO ARE HELPING! Each one I have met has been incredibly kind and full of concern for those who are suffering.

One of the beautiful artists at the shelter using her
time to create lovely art for the shelter walls.

Keeping busy with the Lego blocks at the shelter.

Visitors to the shelter staying positive in the midst of the storm!


As reported on :

FEMA reports emergency meal kits given to storm victims in Kentucky and Arkansas may contain peanut butter involved in a nationwide recall.

The recall features meals made under the standing rock label.

The meals come with of a variety of main courses.

Nothing is wrong with the meals themselves.

However, packets of peanut butter that come with the meal may contain salmonella.

FEMA spokesman Thomas R. Hegele says, "I wouldn't be concerned about it, but if they have any doubts about it, don't eat that part."

Hegele says he's confident the rest of the food in the meals kids is safe.

People who have received commercial meal kits are asked to inspect the kits and immediately dispose of any peanut butter packets.

For more information call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).


ALERT: Graves Co. in need ASAP of blankets. We will be taking another truckload of supplies to Graves Co. this afternoon and are collecting donations to also purchase a supply of blankets for them. If you can help, please contact me at or call 270-556-4045. We will post photos and updates of the supply trip here later. Thank you!!


Here is a list so far of some of the amazing contributors we have had to the Ice Storm Relief project. Some donations were dropped off at the church office that we do not have a name for, but we THANK YOU, too!! We thank God for each and every one of you!!

Friends & Supporters of Healing Hannah Ministries
Four Rivers Church
Christian Fellowship Church
Felker Family
Brown Family
Belinda Lockhart Chavez
Erin Tollini
Melissa Clement Grizzle
Troy Brock & Family
Marlin & Karen Greer
Debbie Plummer
Cleve & Rachel Cary
Jamie & Kimberly Futrell
Karen Cook & Family
Tillman & Jennifer Burnett & Family
Christ & Stephanie Yarber & Family
McConnell Family

...and the list is growing!! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Large Shipment of Supplies Delivered to Lyon Co.!!

Well, I got back around 7:00 tonight from a trip to Lyon Co. After spending the day collecting money and supplies from our generous friends and supporters, I spent 2 hours at a VERY crazed Wal-Mart buying plattes full of bottled water, food, blankets and baby supplies. After many strange looks from others in line, one man finally said in his very southern drawl, "Ma'am, what are you....trying to stock up to prepare for the NEXT storm??" :)

After loading it all up in a VERY full suburban, I trucked up to Lyon Co. and brought it to the center of emergency operations there. The director gave me a big hug and thanked us profusely for the help! They were really in need. I then drove to the emergency shelter set up at the local school and the National Guard troops there were kind enough to help me unload the blankets and bring them into the shelter. We even had boxes full of bubbles for the little kids in the shelter to play with.

Driving home was eerie as they still have no power in the county. It was dark and they were under a 5 pm curfew, so the National Guard trucks escorted me out.

I cannot thank you all enough for your quick response in a time of such great need!! They were all SO incredibly appreciative!! As I left, one of the guardsmen thanked me and said we were what makes America great! YOU ALL really are what makes this nation great and we are so blessed to have your support!

Keep the area in your prayers. It is going to be a long way out for so many.


We will be carrying a shipment of supplies to Lyon Co. today at 3 pm. Please see previous post for how to donate and who to contact. If supplies last, we will also make a trip to Graves Co. tomorrow.

All local schools are still out for tomorrow, many counties have already announced closings for the rest of the week.

The national guard has arrived, but supplies from federal and national agencies are still not in place in many counties. Many counties have been without food or water for one week now.


Monday, February 2, 2009

BREAKING NEWS on the Ice Storm

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF LYON CO. : A large brush fire is headed to a residential area calling in the fire departments of Eddyville and Kuttawa. Lyon Co. is still 100% with NO power, many still without water. Residents in need are being fed at the local school daily. Showers and supplies have still not arrived from federal agencies.

WPSD's website has been down all day so we have been unable to gain updates on counties' progress. Paducah, Murray and Benton are all progressing at last word but still have several thousand residents without power. Lyon, Crittenden, Caldwell, Livingston counties are amongst those hardest hit and still have thousands of residents without power and many without water. Some counties are being told to expect to be out of power for at least another month.

SUPPLY DRIVE: We are currently organizing a supply drive to LYON CO. Needed items:

bottled water
disposable dishes and flatware
canned foods

Please drop supplies off at 475 Calvert Dr, Paducah, KY 42003.

Make checks payable to:
Healing Hannah Ministries

and mail to:
Healing Hannah Ministries
attn: Dawn Choate
475 Calvert Dr
Paducah, KY 42003

Please indicate on the check that it should be earmarked for Ice Storm Relief.

For more info: please call Dawn at 270-898-6974

Friday, January 30, 2009

Many residents of Paducah now have power, however surrounding counties are not so lucky. Graves, Crittenden, Carlisle, Livingston and Caldwell are all still without power and many without water. Murray did have power, but now does not and is under a boil water order. For latest news visit We will post anything extra we hear on this blog.