Monday, February 2, 2009

BREAKING NEWS on the Ice Storm

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF LYON CO. : A large brush fire is headed to a residential area calling in the fire departments of Eddyville and Kuttawa. Lyon Co. is still 100% with NO power, many still without water. Residents in need are being fed at the local school daily. Showers and supplies have still not arrived from federal agencies.

WPSD's website has been down all day so we have been unable to gain updates on counties' progress. Paducah, Murray and Benton are all progressing at last word but still have several thousand residents without power. Lyon, Crittenden, Caldwell, Livingston counties are amongst those hardest hit and still have thousands of residents without power and many without water. Some counties are being told to expect to be out of power for at least another month.

SUPPLY DRIVE: We are currently organizing a supply drive to LYON CO. Needed items:

bottled water
disposable dishes and flatware
canned foods

Please drop supplies off at 475 Calvert Dr, Paducah, KY 42003.

Make checks payable to:
Healing Hannah Ministries

and mail to:
Healing Hannah Ministries
attn: Dawn Choate
475 Calvert Dr
Paducah, KY 42003

Please indicate on the check that it should be earmarked for Ice Storm Relief.

For more info: please call Dawn at 270-898-6974

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